Goa archbishop to government: ‘Adopt compassion towards those different from us’ 

Team Suno Neta Saturday 29th of December 2018 05:22 PM
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Philip Nerie Ferro


Goa’s archbishop, Filipe Neri Ferrao, has shown his displeasure over those who think “less generously” of people who are “different from us” and asked the government to adopt the Indian values of samvedana (sensitivity) and karuna (compassion). He called for a “more positive perception of other people and groups”.

He said this while hosting his annual Christmas civic reception.

The governor, Mridula Sinha; the chief minister, Manohar Parrikar; other ministers and several top bureaucrats of the state attended the event.

 Ferrao said, “We tend to think less generously of people and groups we are not familiar with, or who we perceive to be different from us or even opposed to us ... We are challenged to open the horizons of our mind and embrace people towards whom we are not naturally inclined to love.”




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