Delhi high court directs Facebook to remove links of video ‘defaming’ Ramdev 

Team Suno Neta Tuesday 5th of March 2019 11:12 AM
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New Delhi: After Google’s YouTube removed a video containing allegations against yoga guru Ramdev from their platforms, the Delhi high court has directed Facebook to ensure that links of the video are removed from its platform.

Justice Prathiba M Singh, after viewing the video, which purportedly contained allegations and threats against Ramdev and Patanjali, said, “The video clearly is violative of the guidelines which Google and YouTube have prescribed for themselves. The video is also not just offensive against the plaintiffs (Patanjali Ayurved Ltd and Ramdev) but could border on threats constituting violations of law.”

She added, “Facebook Inc is also directed to ensure that the links to the said video links are no longer made available on its platform.”

The court noted this after hearing a suit by Ramdev alleging that they came across a video uploaded by some unknown person who made several defamatory, disparaging and threatening statements against him and Patanjali.

Justice Singh also noted that the video contained excerpts of Priyanka Pathak Narain’s book on Ramdev – “Godman from Tycoon” – that were ordered to be deleted by the high court in September last year.




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