Election Commission orders NITI Aayog chairman Rajiv Kumar to explain his criticism on NYAY 

Pahi Mehra  Wednesday 27th of March 2019 12:22 PM
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Rajiv Kumar.

New Delhi: The Election Commission sent a letter to the NITI Aayog chairman, Rajiv Kumar, on Tuesday, seeking an explanation over his criticism on Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s announcement of minimum income scheme – Nyuntam Ayay Yojana or NYAY.

Rajiv Kumar during an interview to India Today, on Monday, dismissed Congress’s promise of a minimum monthly income of ₹6,000 to the poorest 20 per cent households and said, “This is an idea whose time should not come. Bordering on irresponsible, this is so typical of the Congress. What will happen to the credit rating and debt to GDP ratio. Only for the sake of winning elections, they have made the announcement. This is the worst kind of vote politics.”

Kumar further added, “Rahul Gandhi should be told that he would be doing a great injustice to economic stability with this scheme.”

“I think the fiscal deficit may increase from 3.5 per cent to 6 per cent. All the credit rating agencies may bring down our ratings. We may not get loans from outside and eventually, our investments might be blocked,” Kumar said.

Following Kumar’s remarks Election Commission sent the letter to explain his comments and said, “He is a public servant and ideally should not have made such a statement which is seen as working to the BJP’s advantage. His comments have been sought.”

The EC has given Rajiv Kumar two days of time to respond over this.

Rahul Gandhi, on Monday, declared that if his party is voted to power, its government would roll out a minimum income scheme guaranteeing ₹72,000 a year to the poorest 20 per cent of households. The Congress president described NYAY as a “groundbreaking idea” and the beginning of the final assault on poverty.




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