Increase in women candidates remain nominal, ADR study finds 

Team Suno Neta Saturday 9th of March 2019 11:38 AM
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New Delhi: On International Women’s Day, when many political parties are backing the long-pending women’s reservation in Parliament, especially during their election rallies, their real story towards giving women candidates tickets for assembly and parliamentary elections paints a different picture altogether.

According to study report by Association for Democratic Reforms, a non-governmental organization which works in the area of electoral and political reforms, the increase in number of women candidates in the last three Lok Sabha elections has been nominal. Only 4,173 women candidates contested elections across the country of the 51,143 candidates.

ADR has found that the BJP had the maximum number of women lawmakers with 150 women members of Parliament and members of legislative assemblies. It was followed by the Congress with 91 MPs and MLAs.

The Lok Sabha has 66 and the Rajya Sabha has 25 women parliamentarians.

Among the 4,173 women candidates, 546 (13 per cent of the total) had declared criminal cases against them. While 480 women who were given tickets by recognized political parties had such cases against them, 45 legislators and three parliamentarians had declared cases related to crimes against women.

The report said: “Similarly, 107 independent candidates with declared cases related to crimes against women contested the state assemblies’ elections.”




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