New Zealand terror attack: 5 Indians among 50 killed in mass shootings in two Christchurch mosques 

Pahi Mehra  Sunday 17th of March 2019 12:10 PM
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New Delhi: The Indian high commission in New Zealand, on Sunday, tweeted and informed that five Indians were killed among the 50 people in New Zealand’s mass shootings in two mosques, on March 15.

The New Zealand police charged an Australian white supremacist, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, 28, with murder for the shootings at two mosques in New Zealand’s Christchurch, in which at least 50 people have been killed.

The Indian high commission in its tweet also mentioned the names of the Indian nationals died in the shooting. They are: Maheboob Khokhar, Ramiz Vora, Asif Vora, Ansi Alibava and Ozair Kadir. The tweet said: “With a very heavy heart we share the news of loss of precious lives of our 5 nationals in ghastly terror attack in #Christchurch.”

Along with this information, the high commission announced that a dedicated webpage has been set up to expedite visa for family members of the victims. It also shared round-the-clock helpline numbers for assistance.

Earlier, at least nine Indian nationals or people of Indian origin were feared to be missing in New Zealand following the deadly terror attacks. The high commission tweeted about the same and efforts were made to locate them.

Hours after this, the Kerala chief minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, also confirmed that a 25-year-old woman from Kerala, named Ancy Ali, was among the victims of the Christchurch attack. Vijayan tweeted: “Deeply shocked to learn that a Keralite is among the victims of Christchurch (New Zealand) terror attack. We are following up with the embassy through Norka Roots. Our thoughts are with the affected family.”

According to Christchurch’s local media reports, Brenton Harrison Tarrant, who carried out the attack, wrote a “manifesto” denouncing immigrants as “invaders”. The manifesto talks about an invasion from India, along with China and Turkey. Tarrant also describes these countries as “potential nation enemies in the east.”

According to the high commission’s data available on their official site, about 200,000 Indians and people of Indian origin in New Zealand. Over which 30,000 of them are students.




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