Meghalaya mine: Navy suspends retrieving decomposed body

Last week, Indian divers had spotted the body of one of the 15 miners with the help of footage from an underwater remotely operated vehicle. The Navy said it was suspending the retrieval of the decomposed body as it was coming off in pieces with every pull. Read More
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One month on, no headway in finding trapped Meghalaya miners

A month after the collapse and flooding of an illegal coal mine in Meghalaya’s East Jaintia Hills district, the rescue operation still continues despite no hopes of the survival of the 15 workers trapped in the “rat hole”. Read More
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Meghalaya trapped miners: Navy, Air Force join rescue operation

The Indian Navy joined the Indian Air Force in the ongoing rescue operation to evacuate the 15 miners trapped inside the Meghalaya rat-hole mine. The agencies are racing against time to find the trapped miners alive. Read More
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