SC directs states to take action against assault on Kashmiris

The Supreme Court directed chief secretaries and director generals of state police forces to take “prompt and necessary” action where incidents of threat and violence against Kashmiris were reported following the Pulwama terror attack. Read More
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Pulwama backlash: Kashmiri students attacked in Maharashtra

Members of Shiv Sena’s youth wing Yuva Sena attacked Kashmiri students studying in a college in Yavatmal following the Pulwama terror attack earlier this month. Read More
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Pulwama backlash: Kashmiri workers in UP’s mill start fleeing

After a protest outside Triveni Sugar Mills in Khatauli, in western Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district, Kashmiri workers have begun to flee the area out of fear. This comes in the wake of the deadly jihadist attack in Jammu & Kashmir’s Pulwama. Read More
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