Adolf Hitler's Poster at Patna University's Student Union office 

MANISH TIWARY  Sunday 30th of June 2019 12:54 AM
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Hitler’s poster instance at Patna university student union office is on the rise after 27th June when this came into light, the matter has now reached J N U. other universities and colleges started protesting on this poster instance. The matter came to light on 27 June when students associated with N S U I objected to the poster imposed by Hitler, NSUI students raged and ransacked the student union's office. In the office, several chairs were broken and many posters (Karpuri Thakur, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar and others) and lights were damaged. They said that if Hitler's poster will not be removed from the student union office of Patna University, NSUI will not allow any new admission at Patna University. The students now want immediate action on this issue from Vice Chancellor of Patna University. They said they are seeking apology for the student union and they should immediately remove the poster of Hitler from their office.
They are blaming general secretary of Patna University’s Student Union Manikant Mani for the whole instance.

When Manikant Mani was asked about it, his answer was that he gets inspiration from Hitler. If a photo of Mohammad Ali Jinnah can be hanged at Aligarh University, why not Hitler’s here at Patna University’s Student Union office. I read about Hitler and I like him. He said that the picture of Hitler has been here for more than 15 days now; no one has expressed any objection till 27th.

Till 27th Poster of Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was missing. Picture of Adolf Hitler with all the Heroes (Mahaparush) has been put on the wall of Patna university student union’s office. Students say that they removed Mahatma Gandhi's poster and put a poster of Adolf Hitler on the wall.

According to sources, right after this matter raised and supported by other students and colleges, they have now put a poster of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi on Wall of Patna University student union office.
According to sources, Hitler's picture has been hanged here nearly 15 days ago, until today nobody has expressed any objection. They even said that these people also removed the picture of Mahatma Gandhi.


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