What Makes a Good Neta? 

Karyakarta  Tuesday 10th of December 2019 02:27 PM
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What makes a good MP? What makes a good minister? At least we need need to know what makes a good politician? I am not sure I know the answer. Having said that, I think we all know what makes a successful MP, minister or a politician. Just be good at 'Saam Daam Dand Bhed'. This is from a piece of advice presumably given by Chanakya, the Indian who predates Machiavelli. One is not sure whether Chanakya was being ironic, like his Italian successor.

What is meant by 'Saam Daam Dand Bhed'?

Saam: To flattter
Daam: To offer and buy
Dand: To punish
Bhed: To exploiting the secrets

Basically, Kautilya, aka Chanakya said:
““सज्जन को सम्मान देकर, लोभी को धन देकर, विद्वान को तर्क देकर व दुष्ट को दंड देकर पक्ष में किया जा सकता है ।”

3 Essential skills for political leaders (Source: Steve Richards)
Please read all this with a proper ironic distance of a satirist.

1. Previous ministerial experience, or at least some background in major political battles, big conflicts, occasions where big name politicians are made

2. Able to build a programme of policies that is linked to a political party’s values / ideologies while appealing to the widest possible section of the electorate.

3. Able to recognize when rare political space opens up for a leader.
This is especially important for the upwardly mobile, 'top slot hungry' kind of politician. 

Truth is: A leader must be 'indifferent to criticism and attacks from the media'.

Five skills for a good MP
Psychologists in Britian did a study involving 200 politicians and came up with some important skills needed in MPs:

1. Integrity (At least for show)
2. Communication skills (For more, please go through The Success Manual skill guides)
3. Intellectual skills (in other words, ability to gather all needed information on an issue and then analyzing and synthesizing all that, before arriving at a decision)
4. Values (for example, short cuts or hard work?)
5. Prior experience of Parliament (knowing how things work, where to go for support and, importantly, who the key power-brokers are)

P.S. Saam, daam, dand, bhed is also mentioned elsewhere

प्रहलाह हिरण्यकश्यप से बोले, जी पापा. अभी लीजिए. पर मेरा एक सवाल है. गुरु ने मुझे साम, दान, दंड और भेद की शिक्षा दी है. पर मुझे ये ठीक नहीं लगता. क्योंकि न तो मेरा कोई शत्रु है और न ही कोई दोस्त. जब कोई साध्य ही नहीं है तो इन साधनों की क्या जरूरत. ( source: उन्नीसवां अध्याय. विष्णु पुराण)

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