Isro’s Chandrayaan-2 successfully enters Moon’s orbit

The Chandrayaan-2 moved into the lunar orbit, almost after 30 days of its launch. The spacecraft has been injected into an elliptical orbit, which would be changed through another series of manoeuvres, to let it eventually attain a near-circular orbit of 100km around the Moon before its expected lan Read More
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Chandrayaan-2 mission takes off, focus now on landing on Moon

The Indian Space Research Organization in a landmark mission, has successfully launched Chandrayan-2, carried by GSLV-Mark III, the most powerful rocket built so far by India, from the second launchpad at the Sriharikota spaceport. Read More
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Chandrayaan-2 launch postponed, Isro cites technical snag

India’s most ambitious space mission so far, Chandrayaan-2, which was was scheduled to be launched at 2.51am on Monday, has been called off less than an hour before the lift off. The mission involves landing a rover on the Moon’s south pole. Read More
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Union Budget 2019: Now, Isro allocated ₹12,473 crore for FY19-20

The Union Budget allocation for the Indian space programme is estimated to go up by 11 per cent to about ₹12,473 crore, which is revised from the estimate of around ₹11,200 crore in 2018-19. Read More
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Isro launches military intelligence satellite with PSLV-C45

The Indian Space Research Organization launched the country’s newest satellite, EMISAT, which will provide electronic intelligence to the armed forces, on Monday, from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Andhra Pradesh’s Sriharikota. It is the first satellite of its kind for the country. Read More
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PM announces successful A-SAT test, Congress claims credit

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India had become the fourth country in the world to successfully hit a satellite in space with an anti-satellite missile. While the BJP celebrated, the opposition slammed the government but congratulated the scientists. Read More
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Nasa can help Isro to send astronauts to ISS: US space envoy

Major General Charles Frank Bolden Jr (retired), who is a United States space envoy, has expressed that the Isro in collaboration with the US space agency, Nasa, can send Indian astronauts to International Space Station. Read More
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‘Gaganyaan’: Center approves Rs 10,000cr for human space mission

New Delhi: The Union Cabinet, on Friday, approved a Rs 10,000 crore budget for Indian Space Research Organization’s ambitious Gaganyaan programme, Read More
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