Bindu, the woman who entered Sabarimala, says she can be killed

Bindu Ammini, one of the first two women who entered the Sabarimala shrine successfully after the landmark Supreme Court ruling, has claimed that she was exercising a constitutional right to equality while entering the temple despite the risk to her life. Read More
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Kerala submits list of women who entered Sabarimala in SC

The Kerala government, on Friday, has confirmed that 51 women, aged 10 to 50 have visited the Sabarimala shrine during the recent pilgrimage season. According to media reports, the state government has also submitted the list of 51 women to the Supreme Court. Read More
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Woman who entered Sabarimala alleges assault by kin

Kanakadurga, one of the two women who entered the Sabrimala Ayyappa temple to offer prayers under police escort, on January 2, filed a complaint, on Tuesday morning, alleging that she was beaten by her husband’s family on returning home. Read More
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