In Chennai, 159 inmates of a mental institute vote for the first time 

Arunima Bajaj  Thursday 18th of April 2019 01:56 PM
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New Delhi: The Institute of Mental Health in Chennai scripted history as the inmates of the centre voted at a polling booth set up by Chennai Corporation electoral officers. Two days ahead of the vote, there was a demonstration of the electronic voting machines on the campus and the voters were also made aware of the parties in the fray.

The inmates came in batches and patiently waited for their turn. Around 60 of them had voted by 10 in the morning, on Thursday, and their excitement was evident since they were first-time voters. A total of 159 inmates have voted for the first time.

All of the voters were certified by doctors as “fit to vote” after being subjected to tests of decision-making and other related skills.

A 55-year-old inmate, while in a conversation with New Indian Express after casting his vote, said, “It’s my democratic right. I am voting after 10 years. As a citizen, I feel I have a responsibility to choose our prime minister. I am so excited to do it in the institute campus itself, thanks to Chennai Corporation officials and Disability Rights Alliance and the institute, who took efforts to make sure we exercised our right.”

Dr P Poorna Chandrika, the director at IMH, also said, “The residents who have voted are very happy. There is a festive atmosphere here today. It is a historic moment for us, we have all become part of history.”




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