15 more officials made to retire against corruption charges  

Arunima Bajaj  Tuesday 18th of June 2019 06:19 AM
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Income Tax Department.

New Delhi: A week after twelve officials of the Tax department were shown the door, 15 more officials, all of whom have corruption allegations against them, were made to retire compulsorily by the Centre as part of its renewed tough stance on criminal misconduct.

A statement from the government named the officials and the accusations they face – most of them are seniors with rank of commissioners. Eleven of them have CBI cases while two others have cases filed by the Revenue Department.

Principal commissioner Anup Srivastava, one of the 15 officials, has two cases against him filed by the Central Bureau of Investigation against charges of criminal conspiracy and bribery. He is also accused of harassment, extortion, non-vacation of government flats and disproportionate assets.

Meanwhile, commissioner Atul Dikshit is facing two CBI cases of fraud and disproportionate assets against him.

The names of the 13 other officers are: Sansar Chand, G Shree Harsha, Vinay Brij Singh, Ashok R Mahida, Virendrakr Agarwal, Amresh Jain, Nalin Kumar, SS Pabana, SS Bisht, Vinod Kumar Sanga, Raju Sekar, Ashok Kumar Aswal and Mohd Altaf.

 Finance ministry, in a series of tweets, said, “All these 15 Officers shall be paid a sum equivalent to the amount of pay & allowances for a period of 3 months calculated at the same rate at which they were supposed to be withdrawing them (pay & allowances) immediately before their retirement.”




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