Coronavirus pandemic: Global death toll tops 200,000, India infections cross 26,000 

Team Suno Neta Saturday 25th of April 2020 11:10 PM
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New Delhi: The raging new coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic continues to spread aggressively and claim lives across the world since it originated from China’s Wuhan in late 2019. So far, the virus has infected over 2,900,000 people and the death toll from the infection has crossed 200,000 on Saturday.

The United States has been the most affected country where the coronavirus has infected over 950,000 people and claimed more than 53,000 lives.

In India, the virus has infected over 26,000 people and claimed over 800 lives. The country went into a complete nationwide lockdown to stop the transmission of the disease, on March 25. After April 20, some of the lockdown norms have been relaxed, but the complete lifting of the lockdown doesn’t seem to be possible by May 3, a day the prime minister, Narendra Modi, announced while extending the initial three-week lockdown, on April 14.

Already, the Delhi government has said the lockdown will continue until May 16. Other five states – Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha, Punjab, and West Bengal – have indicated that the curbs imposed on the hotspots will remain in place beyond the May 3 deadline. Six other states – Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu – said they would go by the Centre’s directive on the issue, while Assam, Bihar, and Kerala (which has largely contained the spread of the virus), said they would take a call after Monday’s videoconference with the prime minister.

Among the states, Maharashtra continues to lead the rest in Covid-19 infections and deaths from it. On Saturday, the number of total infections in the state, so far, was 6,817 and the death toll stood at 301. Gujarat is in second position with 2,815 infections and 127 deaths, while Delhi is in third place with 2,514 infections and 53 deaths.

Latest global coronavirus stats from Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering 

Latest coronavirus India stats:

  • Confirmed: 26,283
  • Deaths: 825
  • Recovered: 5,939

Latest worldwide coronavirus stats:

  • Confirmed: 2,908,206
  • Deaths: 202,501
  • Recovered: 832,211

Top 5 countries with coronavirus infections:

  • United States: 952,995
  • Spain: 223,759
  • Italy: 195,351
  • France: 161,488
  • Germany: 155,782

Top 5 countries with coronavirus deaths are:

  • United States: 53,745
  • Italy: 26,384
  • Spain: 22,902
  • France: 22,614
  • United Kingdom: 20,319

[Source: Worldometer]

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