Finally, Narendra Modi attends news conference, but doesn’t take questions 

Nitesh Jha  Friday 17th of May 2019 08:22 PM
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Narendra Modi (L) and Amit Shah during the news conference.

New Delhi: In a surprise move, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, attended a news conference and called the 17th Lok Sabha election “spectacular” and claimed that Bhartiya Janata Party will come back to power with a full majority on its own.

After wrapping up his campaign for the last phase of the Lok Sabha election, Modi told a contingent of reporters that the election has been “shandar” (spectacular) and was held in a positive spirit. A government with full majority will come back after remaining in power for five years. This is probably happening after a very long time. This is a big deal in itself.”

Modi unexpectedly joined the news conference in which Amit Shah was scheduled to address the media and take questions. In the briefing, Shah presented detailed a report card of the campaigning as well as the performance of the NDA government.

During the interaction, Modi told reporters that he will not respond any questions because the news conference is being addressed by Shah and said “in the BJP’s system, discipline is followed”.

Modi further added that India should impress the world with its democracy and diversity. He said, “I believe some things we can proudly say to the world. This is the world’s largest democracy, it is our responsibility to take the power of this democracy to the world. We should impress the world with the diversity of the democracy.”

The prime minister further pointed out the achievements of his government and claimed that an “honest government started on May 17, 2014” – a day after the previous Lok Sabha election results were announced. He said there was a time when Indian Premier League had to be shifted out of India due to polls, but under the current government, elections can be held even when the Ramzan was being observed and Easter commemorated.

Here is the full video of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s news conference:




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