‘Jats lack brains, can’t match Bengalis,’ Tripura CM Biplab Deb says 

Team Suno Neta Wednesday 22nd of July 2020 02:08 PM
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Biplab Kumar Deb. 

Biplab Kumar Deb, the chief minister of Tripura, raised eyebrows again with his remarks when he said Punjabis and Jats are physically strong but less brainy while Bengalis are known to be very intelligent.

In a video that surfaced recently, the chief minister was heard as saying: “For Bengal/Bengalis … it is said that one should not challenge them when it is regarding intelligence. Bengalis are known as very intelligent and it is their identity … Punjabis and Jats are known for their physical strength.”

Deb then went on to say: “Jats are less intelligent but are very healthy. If one challenges a Jat, he will bring a gun from his house.”

Deb reportedly said this at the Agartala Press Club, on Sunday.

Congress spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala posted a clip on Twitter showing the Tripura CM making those remarks and described it as a reflection of the BJP’s “low mindset”.

Later, Deb apologized for his remarks. He tweeted: “I mentioned thoughts of some people about my Punjabi and Jat brethren at a programme organized at Agartala Press Club. It was not my intention to hurt any community. I am proud of both Punjabi and Jat communities. I have spent a lot of time among them myself.”

The Tripura CM had made controversial remarks before, like internet was there during the time of Mahabharata, cows better than industries for employment, Mughals wanted to destroy the cultural wonders of his state, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s one brother is an auto driver and the other is a grocer, etc.




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